Bombed another 40'er!!

Bombed another 40’er.

Everyone has experienced it one way or another. You’re in a match, you’re up going into the last hole, then out of nowhere your opponent drains a 40’ putt that had no business going in. The match gets halved and you’re pissed. Who am I kidding, it’s never happened to me, I’m a Plumber, we make the putts and halve the matches.

Well the reason why you halved the match is because you just experienced a true plumber moment. The Plumbers somehow kept themselves all square going into the half way point of the round. One of them starts heating up and at least one of them is finally hitting it up the middle of the fairway. You of course are the team that has at minimum a better golfer on it, so you are always up the middle, must be nice.

It comes down to the last hole, you are up one, The Plumbers spray both their drives making it a long way into the green. You and your partner are sitting pretty with a nice 7 iron into the green. The first Plumber steps up, they’re in 3 wood or hybrid territory, which they haven’t hit well all day. Plumber # 1 duffs the shot, Plumber # 2 staring over the ball, a little buzzed…….whack...hits his best ball all day with a two bouncer onto the front of the green.

You and your partner start to feel your heart beating as you have to stick it tight. Enough about you guys, of course you guys put it within 10’, but it is on the high side of the green. Let’s get back to The Plumbers, they fire up they’re favourite drinking tune and walk up to their putt. It’s show time, they’re in a match that they had no business being in and it’s time to make a bomb. Plumber # 1 either knocks down putts, shows the line, or completely comes nowhere near the hole. In this case, his role is to get the line or just drain the fucking thing.

A perfect line and Plumber # 1 actually just misses his putt, their opponents knees were shaking. Plumber # 2 steps up, laughing because of what almost just happened. Remember this is also the guy that just bombed the second shot into the green and saved the day. He steps up, has a brutal looking putter, has nailed a couple of bombs already today, not many words coming from the opponents. Plumber # 2 looks to his partner and gives a wink, lines it up and sends a prayer.

We all know what happens next, a little up hill, down hill putt, sloping slightly to the right…...the line is there, it’s all about getting it over the small crest. Here we go…..imagine if a European futbol commentator was firing up commentary on this putt. The ball is off the face of the putter, is moving up the hill, you can now see it falling towards the hole…..your opponent isn’t even breathing, The Plumbers are standing on one foot, doing the lean, Plumber # 1 yells, “get going baby.”

The ball drops and The Plumbers are amped, smash their beers, and have a quick celly. After that beautiful putt, you have two chances to one putt, andddddd she gone past the hole. With a small gallery watching the putt, everyone is roaring that The Plumber just took half a point from the Top Dogs. Also, everyone wants The Plumbers in the mix because it makes for a better weekend.

Don’t mess with a Plumber!

Chip. Putt. Chirp.

- The Plumbs


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