Cart Beers

Cart Beers

When a Plumber arrives at whatever course their buddies chose for the day, they have about a 10 second thought about what they’re going to shoot, then realize it is completely out of their hands as they haven’t played in a couple weeks or months. They quickly move to other priorities, which include; a fresh sleeve of balls, 3 heights of tees, this year’s newest clubs, and pearly white golf shoes. Ok, I lied, that’s a typical golfer.

A Plumber figures they have most of those things. Except their supplies include; random balls that they found while searching for the one they lost, a mixed bag of tees from last year’s 10 scrambles they played in, a mixed bag of clubs from various years, and whatever the hell they want to wear.

Their priority is the bag of beer on ice that they have stored somewhere in the parking lot. But because a Plumber is just an all around good person to be around, their cart mate knows the drill. The Marshall can see it coming, but because you're a Plumber, they really don’t care. It’s a “Hey how you doing buddy, gonna be a good one out there today.” Then off to the first tee box.

The thing that is respectable about a Plumber is that even though they have a cooler full of beer. They always make sure to grab a couple from the bar and anytime the cart comes around, they make sure to top up. You can be sure that if someone is in search of a beer, ask one of the Plumbers in the group, because they have one stored in the cart somewhere.

Don’t be cheap!

Chip. Putt. Chirp.

- The Plumbs