Did a guy named Montford break the internet last week?



This f*ckin guy right here; Montford Johnson Wagner-that’s right, his first name is Montford. We’re sure that you’ve saw this shot of him, mid follow through, ribbed tan leather belt with that unreal read bud heavy string bucket. The golf digest article (link below) goes on to highlight Wagners painfully average career as well as his unique apparel style he brought to the Bermuda Open, which led me to digging into this plumber a little more…

The highlights (in my opinion):

  1. 6,3” 230lb Texan from Amarillo, TX-The mans a monster
  2. Career earnings just over 12 sheets ($12,491,667)
  3. 342 events, 3 tour victories
  4. Crushes bud heavy
  5. Can grow a mean moustache


The guy is a journeyman plumber. Big man has grinded out a hell of a career, and with this recent photo, momentarily fractured the internet. You can bet that there’s a large collection of golfers sourcing similar get ups to the one our boy Monty is rocking above. If you get a chance, check out his instagram page. totally unassuming, not flashy or overly active-but you can tell he'd be a riot on the 19th tee after a match and two dozen bud heavys.

Recently we’ve been working hard to bottle up what we believe is an accurate representation of the Plumber brand. Working with creatives to give more options to our community while keeping close to what we’ve built thus far. You can imagine our excitement when the GD article broke, and we laid eyes on this tastefully average, scrappy, good time golfer-sound familiar?

We identify with you Monto Jo, keep doing what you’re doing big man. Make this game fun, make it inclusive, and make it stylish.


Link to article: