Spieth has Plumber blood running through his veins, Brady is Goaty McGoat Face, streakers at the SB, and Brooks Koepka goes from bending his driver in half to winning the WM open.

The “hate to see it but always expecting it, late round blow up”


You can admit it, late Saturday afternoon you were a little over excited for Spieth after his 61 on the day, sitting atop the leaderboard going into the final round. It was something to feel good about, we love seeing guys come out of the fray and start climbing the leaderboard after years of silence. The fact that it was at the WM Open, in some way, made it even better. While it wasn’t the usual craziness that we come to expect in Scottsdale, what with the shirtless young dudes chugging their 28th beer of the day while Fineau tee’s off 16 wearing a Kobe Bryant jersey, it was still engaging just because Spieth was making his “Comeback”. It was almost a re-introduction of the 2015 Masters Champ who’d gone missing for almost 4 years since his last tour win at the 2017 Brittish Open.


Until….The dreaded blow-up.


If you’re a Plumb (which I hope you are if you’re reading this) you know that the anxiety that comes along with playing well is almost more stressful than the rage of playing terrible, and that’s because of the looming blow up. it’s almost like you know that you golfing on borrowed time, you’re undeserving of the good fortune that the golf gods are bestowing upon you, and eventually- you succumb to it. This is what I believe happen to Jordan on the weekend, the pressure of shooting a 10 under (61) second round led to the inevitable 2 over (72) third round. A blow-up that’s all too familiar to the Plumbers community…and that’s okay!


Jordan, we stand with you, we understand your journey, and we’ll send you a shirt and a hat this week, Plumb.



Brady and the Bucs get it done on SB Sunday.


If you’re like me, you hammered the chiefs on your preferred betting establishment yesterday, in anticipation of a figurative “passing of the torch” from Brady to Mahomes. Instead, what you got was, the Bucs pass rush exposing the hell out of the Chiefs O-line- and you having to explain why you lost $200 on a “sure thing”. To be honest, the game was, in my opinion, a touch boring. The Goat just brought that poise that we come to expect from him, and got the job done, and not in an overly exciting fashion. Respect, nonetheless.


We did have a streaker, been a while since we’ve had one (I think). Long enough that I forgot that the cameras will NEVER follow the streaker on the live feeds, so as to not motivate others to act out in similar fashion. HOWEVER, you can always find the clips online after the game, and I’ll just say this-buddy had wheels. Insert still shot below to perpetuate the idea that the streaker was actually “fast”



Good for you Pal, good for you.


Brooks Koepka wins his 2ND Waste Management Phoenix Open


You know what? Good for Brooksy,


The dude has been battling injury for almost two years now with his knee/hip problems, he played like absolute dogshit at the Farmers open less than a month ago, missing the cut and nearly snapping his driver over his shoulders (classic Plumber move), but he rally’s back and wins it in Scottsdale. I think you can tell; I am all-in on this type of thing, I think he was about 5 strokes back from the lead going into Sunday, and the dude muscles out 2 eagles on the day- including a nasty chip in on 17 from about 30 yards. That’s the stuff that make the Sundays on tour so fun, these players either will themselves into a title, or fall apart (or cheat if you’re Patrick Reed). Either way it supports my un-healthy Sundays of bud light and Uber eats.