Now that winter is upon us on the East Coast, it gives us a chance to reflect on how our market testing went. We are amped with the overall response to The Plumber Lifestyle. This makes us ecstatic, because it’s now time to prepare for what’s to come. This past golf season has given us a lot of time to reflect on what The Plumber Lifestyle represents and who fits the mould. The demographic is diverse, it doesn’t discriminate, and it’s always open to new supporters. With that being said, we only have the community and supporters for helping us bring this to life.

To be clear, The Godfather, The Originator, The OG of Plumbin’ is Harry Forbes (massive smile, great on-field custom cocktail mixer-what a unit), and the two guys that get to bring his early Chip. Putt. Chirp. mentality to life is the brains of Co-Founders Jeff Kielbratowski and Mitch Maclellan. To be honest, we get to sit back, consume and help articulate the lifestyle that didn’t need to be created, but needed to be represented.

Some things we’ve heard:

“I’ve never had a hat that would fit my head.”

“This is literally the best shirt I own.”

“I wear this lid everywhere.”

“Keep it quality, keep it simple!”

“I looked over your stuff...I am definitely a Plumber”

It’s an exciting time for us to prepare our company and the community for what’s to come. New, cleaner branding (the testing worked, it’s time to tidy things up), new custom apparel (putting together some great products with our friends at Stanfields), and a new cadence of content.

As we go into our planning months, we want you to keep following and providing your feedback. The brands success will be with the help of all The Plumbers out there and our demise will be if we don’t listen to all The Plumbers out there. So we ask you, what do you want to see?

In closing, we thank you for allowing us to deliver products that fit a new world golfer. We will keep bringing you products that will help you win your next match, help you get your next date, or even just provide a damn good product to kick back and have a beer.

Cheers to 2020,

Chip. Putt. Chirp.

- The Plumbs