Welcome to Plumbers Golf

A Plumber.

The game of golf brings out the best and the worst in people. Some players strive to be the best, some will never get there, and some just love to be out there. The Plumber fits the profile of loving to be out there. Some Plumbers are decent at golf, some might even be mediocre, but one thing’s for sure a Plumber always comes to play.

The Plumber is the individual or individuals in a group who play a solid game of “whack fuck.” These individuals can pipe it up the middle, deep in the woods, or even plain right duff the ball during the same round. Their round looks painful at times as they can shoot anywhere from the high 70’s to the low 100’s on any given day.

Playing a Plumber in team golf is a nightmare, because two Plumbers together will chirp the guts right out of you. During your match, don’t expect they will come lightly or follow proper etiquette, really because they just don’t care. They will beat some of the top teams, lose to a bottom feeder, and somehow always be in the mix. The good golf teams always hesitate selecting them as an opponent, as it’s just plain right scary and hard on the head.

I hope the above paints a picture of the basics of a Plumber. If you whack the ball all around the course, chirp, fist pump, crush beers, drive a cart, play music, miss 4 footers but drain 35’ bombs, and are an all out beauty during golf weekends…….You have earned your way into a world that was built for you (us).


Welcome to Plumbers Golf!

Chip. Putt. Chirp.

- The Plumbs