Watch Out For Oscar The Grouch

It’s no secret that we love to have a little fun out there on the course, and in life! Whether we are kicking ass or tree trimming, one thing is for sure, we are all in. This brings us to the story of a scary little monster that can make your golf game interesting.

A few years back, one of our buds wasn’t able to get his team together for a golf weekend. In true fashion the rules are, “you can’t pick someone else, it’s the same teams every year.” Well that’s just the way that it is.

So what does this fella pull off you ask? Well, he said “screw you guys, I am coming anyway, and I am being the fucking Marshall.” Genius on his part really, we also would have made him come anyway, teammate or not. But, he had his own plans. Little did we know that he stocked a bunch of bottles of liquor to put together for the tournament participants for pre, during, and post round shots just to mess with everyone’s game. 

First up, sour puss…… up, sour puss…… up, OSCAR THE GROUCHES AND GREEN GOBLINS. Two mysterious concoxions that the old boy mixed up on the back of his cart. The amazing thing, because he had no golf clubs or anything but booze on his cart, he had quite the little bar running. He’s giggling because he knew these were the ones that were going to blur a few of the next tee shots.

We assume that every group has a certain drink, whether it’s fireball, spiced rum, tequila, or even just Baileys. It’s traditions like these that people look forward to, and add a little bit of fun to the game. No matter what, for us, when that weekend comes, we know we are getting OSCAR THE GROUCHES AND GREEN GOBLINS, which can completely change some tournament results. We wish you all the best on this (recipe below)!

The recipe = A little bit of competition and FUN with your FRIENDS.

Chip. Putt. Chirp.

-The Plumbs