We know it's golf season, but is it Donair SZN too?

One thing is for certain, when you head on a golf weekend…….the coolers are full, but so is the fridge and the chip cupboard. We call it a calorie consumption type of weekend and after 36 holes of golf, and another 36 the next day…...everyone is just like bears at the dump. We’ve all trained for this moment. We’ve been chipping, putting, and chirping all day…..and it’s time for a scoff.

Now you can put together any type of menu, but just make sure someone takes care of it. As much as everyone is not interested in talking about food, it’s way better than everyone looking at each other, cranky as can be that the fish and chips place is closed. Now we are some wily veterans on this front, and maybe even saw a few fish and chips places not be open…..devastating. 

Now, our menu is planned at least 3 months in advance, and responsibilities are distributed. One menu item that always makes its way, is something in the donair food category. There’s no chance you will regret this decision. Now donairs can come in many different ways…...actual donairs, donair dips, donair sausage, donair pizza, donair poutine….you get the idea, someone needs to be on donair duty. It's an east coast thing that is for the win.

There’s also a brand that we love. It’s our good friends at Drunken Sailor…..and in their words, it’s donair season!

What’s your favorite road trip dish?

Bring an extra pack of tums and stay hydrated.

Chip. Putt. Chirp.

- The Plumbs