Tales from the Social Golfer

  • Watch Out For Oscar The Grouch

    It’s no secret that we love to have a little fun out there on the course, and in life! Whether we are kicking ass or tree trimming, one thing is fo...
  • We know it's golf season, but is it Donair SZN too?

    One thing is for certain, when you head on a golf weekend…….the coolers are full, but so is the fridge and the chip cupboard. We call it a calorie ...
  • MUSIC in the cart, our kind of golf!

    The big question we have to ask the community......"do you play golf without music?" The answer should be NO. The times have changed. Whether you'r...
  • Spieth has Plumber blood running through his veins, Brady is Goaty McGoat Face, streakers at the SB, and Brooks Koepka goes from bending his driver in half to winning the WM open.

    The “hate to see it but always expecting it, late round blow up”   You can admit it, late Saturday afternoon you were a little over excited for Spi...
  • The PLUMBS

    Now that winter is upon us on the East Coast, it gives us a chance to reflect on how our market testing went. We are amped with the overall respons...
  • Bombed another 40'er!!

    That moment when someone drains a 40' putt and it's a Plumber. You're done and won't hear the end of it.
  • Did a guy named Montford break the internet last week?

    It's clear to us that Johnson Wagner is a Plumber...right?

    This week The Plumbs announced the winner of their giveaway. Thanks to Nütrl, Osprey Ridge, and Oak Island Resort for the support.
  • Cart Beers

    A Plumber always comes prepared. Their priority is the bag of beer on ice that they have stored somewhere in the parking lot. However, every time that beer cart comes by, they're buying at minimum a round.
  • Welcome to Plumbers Golf

    The game of golf brings out the best and the worst in people. Some players strive to be the best, some will never get there, and some just love to be out there.