Social Golf Co, tell me more!

One thing is certain;

You know a Social Golfer, you’ve played against (or with) a Social Golfer, and one thing's for certain, you may even be a Social Golfer.

Birthed out of an annual buddies’ golf tournament on the Northern shore of Nova Scotia, the way of the Social Golfer was introduced by a team called The Plumbers; Social Golf Co is the resultant effort of bottling up the identity, the niche, and the lifestyle, of likeminded golfers that can get behind a brand that unites the laid back, sharply dressed, good time golfer. We know you’re out there.

We live in the void somewhere between the ProV1 and the Noodle Long and Soft, somewhere between a scratch golfer and a 25+ handicap, and more importantly- somewhere between a bud light and double vodka and lime. 

You’ll likely hear us before you see us

Bluetooth speaker bumping from the cart, a Social Golfer will make you putt out a 1-footer and expect you give him/her the 8-foot downhill slide. Social Golfers are takers on the golf course, and givers on the dance floor.

To define a Social Golfer, we must dig deep into the DNA of the golfer who’s able to strike the perfect balance of compete and good time vibes. A Social Golfer will chirp your guts out during match play and be the first lad to buy you a beer at the 19th hole. The framework of Social Golf Co is built on blurring the lines of proper golf etiquette and burying the yeti cooler deep into the back of the cart. We look sharp at the finest country clubs, the mid-range metro courses, and the 12-dollar green-fee donkey tracks. 

Social Golf Co is the vehicle, you Social Golfers are the fuel, grab a cold one and climb aboard.

We’re looking to shed light on this golfer demographic and carve out a market to provide a sense of belonging to this, hilarious, likely ¾ buzzed, scrappy, good-times golfer

Don’t confuse us with complete degenerates.

While it’s bread into us to soak up a good time on the course, we still live within the confines that make this game great. We’re not about making a mess or disrespecting the game. We don’t cheat, we don’t scam-we respect the honor system. Never shave strokes, never cheat your buddies, never play sober.

Ultimately, the brand is defined by the community of individuals like yourself who push our products to the masses. Tell us what you like, what you don’t like, and what you’d like to see- we’ll do our best to push product that makes sense.


What’s your favorite part of this Social game?